Young Adult Coaching

We find there are many bright and talented young adults who are feeling lost, hopeless, confused, frustrated, and lacking confidence.  They are wondering where to go and what do with their lives.  Parents want to help but often are unsuccessful.  Out of frustration parents frequently turn to therapists who often put them on medications, which we believe in many cases is not the answer.

In our experience, young adult often just need a listening ear, speaking with someone who is neutral, objective and who will patiently listen to them to understand their challenges, their frustrations and their desires.  Someone who will ask thought provoking questions in a safe judgement free zone that help to generate clarity, direction and path forward.

Being parents ourselves, we know this first hand.  Therefore we strongly believe in devoting part of our time in helping young adults so that they are able to become productive members of society and lead fulfilling lives.

We have successfully helped many young adults breakthrough the frustration and gain the much needed confidence, clarity, direction and shift onto paths where they finally feel fulfilled, start to build successful careers and experience hope and joy again.  Contact us to learn how we can support the young adults in your life.